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tbcass wrote:

CaliforniaDave wrote:

I'd like to see the lens/sensor IS improved to be competitive with recent Panasonic and Olympus M4/3 cameras. Certainly sensor IS is easier with M4/3 than it is with APS-C or FF, but it should be even easier with 1" sensors.

What makes you think it's not already competitive with those cameras?

Competitive, maybe, but not the winner. I have the Sony HX90V, RX100V, RX10IV, A6500 and A7RIII which are the latest Sony models in each sensor/body size range (except for the A7RIII, for which the lower resolution A7III is newer). The A6500 and A7RIII have IBIS which can be used with OSS lenses, and I have shot numerous photos and video with them, as well as with the fixed lens cameras listed.  I have no problem with the IS in any of these cameras when shooting photos (I shot with cameras long before there was IS), and it works well, but various testing sites (Cameralabs, for example) who attempt to test how many stops IS provides regularly find that the recent Panasonic and Olympic models outperform various Sony models. But, as I said, that doesn't bother me, as I find the IS in the Sonys satisfactory for photo use. However, I also shoot 4K video (limited to 1080 with the HX90V), and numerous test sites and online reviews show amazing stabilization when shooting handheld 4K video with the latest Olympic and Panasonic M4/3 systems, so I know that improvement is possible on Sony's part. Whether Sony would ever provide sensor shift in a 1" sensor camera remains to be seen. The RX100x body is too small, but the RX10x body should be large enough to incorporate IBIS (the term used in interchangeable lens cameras for sensor shift technology.) Without IBIS, the RX10IV can not provide any IS against roll motions of the camera when shooting 4K video, as lens stabilization can not handle roll. Theoretically, a camera should be able to process out roll electronically when shooting video, but depending on the amount of oversampling or not, combined with not enough computational horsepower when shooting 4K video, means that IBIS is necessary for the best overall IS.

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