RX10 V - close???

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Re: RX10 V - close???

tbcass wrote:

You forgot add the fully articulating LCD from the A99ii. None of that would make me upgrade from my RX10iv though. I did upgrade from the RX10iii to the 10iv because of the PDAF which to me is more important than all your and my suggested upgrades combined.

Your suggestion of computational photography is something I'm not the least bit interested in.

The PDAF was the most important factor for me in upgrading from the III to the IV.

Computational photography is already widely used in the cameras we purchase, but the much more powerful processors in current smartphones allows far more to be done. I'm not sure that would be that important to me for photos, but I think I would like more processing power when shooting 4K video. Currently the camera seems to be maxed out when shooting 4K video, and certain processing when shooting 1080 video is not available when shooting 4K video, such as the best IS. I presume this is because of processor limits.

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