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Re: What are your image quality requirements?

Wayne Larmon wrote:

MarcBton wrote:

I've not visited this forum for some time, so first off all, apologies if this question has been asked and answered many times before.

I'm trying to find out if it is beneficial yet to change over to a lighter and smaller but very capable camera system without giving up too much on image quality and ease of use.

My main interest is capturing my travel exploits, both holiday and work trips where I usually try to reserve a few days to combine this with a landscape session. I like to go out for a pre-sunrise hike, find a spot and take some images. Additional to this I take family snaps and go for weekend hikes both planned for photography or add hoc.

My current system is FF canon, with a selection of heavy L lenses. Typically I take a manfrotto full height aluminium tripod with a heavy junior geared head,a Canon 5D3 & 5D classic, ef16-35 f/4L, ef100 f/2.8L and ef70-200f2.8L. As well as this a full compliment of Lee filters. Changing over to something else will be costly. With all the accessories my sunk costs are considerable although prices for used kit are quite strong, helping to fund replacements.

I'm considering hiring a kit of Sony or Fuji equipment for a week's holiday to help me decide, but before doing this as hiring a camera and selection of lenses kit for a week will cost at least £500 I'd like to invite some comments of those of you who have made this FF to mirrorless change before.

What are your image requirements? Do you need to be able to print each and every picture poster sized with nose-against-the glass sharpness? If so, then you shouldn't change a thing. You need to use FF equipment with the highest quality lenses you can afford. And/or maybe consider switching to a system that has provides better image quality. For this objective cost/size/weight considerations are a minor concern.

If you still want high image quality but are willing to accept some loss in image quality, and size/weight/cost are a concern then look at one of the mirrorless systems. If image quality is still high on your list, then others can guide you better than I can.

For myself, I switched from a Canon 6D, 24-105L f/4 IS 70-200 f/4 IS, and 60D, 10-22 for high quality to a Canon mirrorless system with mostly EF-M lenses and a 10-18 + adapter for my "good enough" kit. This lets me mix and match with my other Canon equipment when I am day tripping and can load the trunk with everything I want to carry. But for flying, I stick with the EOS-M kit. And...

My main camera is a Google Pixel 2. I use it whenever I can. The M system is the backup for when the Pixel 2 isn't enough. But most of the time the Pixel 2 delivers image quality OTC that is comparable to what my Canon M6 can deliver with raw files extensively PPed with CC 2018. I demonstrated this in a Pixel 2 against Canon EOS M6 thread. Its HDR+ works really well for indoor snapshots with whatever ambient light.

I really like the Pixel 2. As of today, May 20, 2018, the Google Pixel 2 is the best smartphone for stills photographers (DPReview review) Other smartphones can't compare. This has been discussed extensively in the DPReview Mobile Photography Talk forum.

Because OTC Pixel 2 images are so good, I really like not needing to spend a lot of time adjusting raw files in CC 2018. The after-the-trip PPing time savings are tremendous.


Thanks Wayne

The image quality achieved with my FF 5DIII sensor is sufficient for my needs. I do not print wall to wall sized posters but do sometimes like a tight crop when only an element of a certain composition makes it through the final edit.  I'm not a pixel peeper however. The DR or low light capability at high ISO is more relevant. If more modern sensors deliver better here, I can easily move from the FF platform.

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