"Cheap Canon FD lenses"

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"Cheap Canon FD lenses"

Thank you Dpreview for your great articles and product rundowns and reviews.

I'm writing because of a broken heart.

I am not a professional photographer nor have I been. Im writing because of all the wonderful reviews and accolades digital camera users today are giving vintage Canon Fd lenses.

They are reviewing "picking up really cheap Canon Fd lenses" for their new and powerful digital cameras. What irks me is why there are so many of these great lenses out there.

I became very intersted in photography in the late 60's. I started purchasing Canon equipment through high school in Queens N.Y.

It was difficult for me to purchase many of the lenses in the beginning. Working as an apprentice electrician, i needed to wait for a raise or bonus to come along to be able to scratch up enough cash to purchase my next new sweet Canon lens or the next best 35mm body. At the time an A1 with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Then on to the New F1n body ($1,200 bucks at the time) I loved it. Then on to over the next few years a sweet fd 85 1.8, 28 2.8, 20 2.8 then lower end macro and 100-300 Fd zoom. I could not afford the much higher priced "L" lenses but loved the results i got with my beavy of great Fd glass.

Then Canon decided to go auto focus and changed the lens mounts! How can they do that! How many people did that hurt?

How many hard working folks had their lenses instantly "obsolete"? I have held onto my F1n and the lenses over the years because i could not afford anything more than entry level digital cameras and their NEW lenses. ( needing to purchase all new glass and in my opinion not as well made)

So to all of the Digital users out there, Enjoy the great lenses you are getting so cheap.

There are so many nice lenses out there cuz Canon left all of thier loyal followers in the dust essentially duping me out of my hard earned cash needing to purchase new lenses for the new model bodies. Nikon left most of their mounts unchanged so you could use your older lenses on their newer bodies albeit without auto focus or auto aperture.  Something i worked with from the beginning!

I am really glad to see,lately that I will be able to bring my old lenses back to life and use them again. Although I dont think I'll be using them on any Canon equipment in the near future.

Im esatic that i can and will use them again to create beautiful images.

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