Reasonable priced monitor recommendation?

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Reasonable priced monitor recommendation?

TL;DR: what's a decent monitor, 24 or 27-inch, that amateur photographers are currently liking?


Not sure which forum to put this into so I put it here.

I've got an older HP IPS monitor that's driving me nuts. It shows things a bit too red. Slightly oversaturated too. I LOVE reds and warm colors and lush colors and so, in reality, I love its output.

The trouble is that if I edit a pic so that I think it looks "correct" on the HP, then when displayed on other displays and, importantly, on displays of my viewing audience (Instagram, web-based photo albums and thus the pics are viewed on phones and tablets), the colors won't be "warm" enough for THEM. i.e. it loses its pop.

I can't figure out how to eyeball the RGB settings on the monitor to correct this. (I know what buttons to push, but I can't decide what looks correct).

I'm considering getting one of those Spyder devices but with monitor prices coming down these days, even for IPS, the Spyder is actually more expensive.

So my current thinking is simply replacing the monitor.

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced monitor for an amateur like me?

Should I get a "4K" monitor? Do I need a more powerful PC/graphics card to run 4K displays?

My current camera gear tops out at 24MP if that's relevant. My GAS could see me get into 40+ MP cameras but that'd likely be years away when their price comes down.

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