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Re: What are your image quality requirements?

pocoloco wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Do you need to be able to print each and every picture poster sized with nose-against-the glass sharpness? If so, then you shouldn't change a thing. You need to use FF equipment with the highest quality lenses you can afford. And/or maybe consider switching to a system that has provides better image quality. For this objective cost/size/weight considerations are a minor concern.

12 years ago, I already printed over 1 meter wide from a 10MP APS camera. Excellent image quality.

10MP is not going to give 300 PPI on a print that is one meter wide.  It may look fine at a suitable viewing distance but I specified nose-against-the-glass.

Several years ago I shot family paintings with an 18 megapixel crop camera and they printed fine at 16x20.  But paintings don't have the kind of detail that, say, landscape images with fine foliage do.  Paintings don't invite nose-against-the-glass viewing like landscapes do.

Todays 16 or 20MP m43 cameras are way better then what I used 12 years ago. So... given that... do you really believe ypu need FF for that?

I was going under the assumption that, all else being equal, bigger (sensor, lens image circle, etc.) is better.  If the OP want to print at the largest size possible then a FF rig with a high megapixel count will allow printing larger than a smaller format camera will.  High end Nikon bodies have better low ISO dynamic range than Canon bodies do.  A larger sensor may allow for smoother tonal graduations.

But things are never equal.  My FF Canon 6D has less megapixels than my 24 megapixel mirrorless M6.  And the M6 has a bit better low ISO dynamic range than the 6D.   I haven't really tested for smooth tonal graduations.

For me the sweet spot now is Canon's latest 24 megapixel mirrorless crop cameras.  Canon EF-M lenses are good enough.  But my 12 megapixel Pixel 2 is usually more than enough.


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