Gear question: Do you plan or trips - or see what's there and then decide?

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Gear question: Do you plan or trips - or see what's there and then decide?

Too many threads with questions like "what lens should I take to Burkina Faso??" ... etc. etc. etc.

I think I have long stopped "clicking in" but possibly have my weak moments ...

I noticed that I typically REALLY plan my gear as I am certain what I will shoot - or want to shoot.

An example might be my next two trips this year (no, not bragging territory here, but just sharing what gear I will take ok??)

On the next trip I will take my X-T20 plus 14, 50 and 90mm. I will need some reach, there will be some landscape opportunities and the 50 is for close ups and portraits. No need on this trip for long exposures past 30 seconds (wish Fuji would update the X-T20 to also do 15 mins like the X-E3 and the larger models!!!)

On the trip after that one I will take the X-Pro2 with the 14, 16 and 56. More landscape and city/town/village shooting. An emphasis here on local portraits, hence the 56 but not a lot of need for extra reach. The X-Pro2 I prefer over the X-T20 because of the T-Mode I like to use on long exposures using some ND filters, namely the ND128 and ND1000.

I will take a tripod on both trips but will possibly use this far more on the second trip.

The places here are irrelevant but what is not is my pre-conception of what I want to do.

So instead of asking:

"What lens to take to Ulaanbaatar" (formerly known as Ulan Bator!!)

... the question should be:

"What do I pre-visualise, what do I want to shoot there"

And obvious example for this would be if somebody wants to shoot wildlife in Africa/Asia and would possibly feel the need for some extended tele. But often the examples aren't as easy to pick.


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