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Re: RX10 V - close???

Dennis wrote:

It's hard to imagine what would get RX10 IV owners to upgrade.

I am an RX10IV owner (also owned original RX10 and RX10III), and I already think that the camera has a great sensor, lens and AF system. I'd be surprised if they made any large steps forward in any of those areas in the near future with a newer RX10 model. I shoot both stills and video, and I might be willing to upgrade for some of the following features:

Re-design the control layout and feel to be more along the lines of the FF recent A7X and A9 models.

Improve the processor performance to do even more computational photography, as is being done very well with recent cellphone cameras.

Use the larger capacity battery from the A9, A7RIII and A7III.

Dual card slots, with at least one slot UHS-II.

Build in an intervalometer into the menu system that allows individual time-lapse photos as well as completed 4K time-lapses to be generated easily in camera. Panasonic already does this very well even with their basic compact cameras.

Keep adding functionality to the touchscreen, including selection of menu items.

Provide 4K/60p video capability. A new sensor and processor would likely be needed, but at  least the body is big enough to deal with heat dissipation issues, unlike the much more compact RX100x bodies in which 4K/60p might not be possible, at least with current sensors and processors.

Keep improving the steady shot system and consider adding mechanical sensor stabilization. Provide the full range of IS when shooting 4K video.

Really make a wild step forward by replacing some physically labeled controls (such as dials) with blank controls and small OLED displays, so that controls could be customized from the menu, and a functional change made in the menu would show on the control OLED, and a change made on the control would show up in the menu. An example of this is the aperture adjustment ring on the current RX10IV. If you set it to f/2.4, then zoom to 600 mm, the ring still displays f/2.4, but the LCD display and EVF both show that the actual aperture is now f/4.  If the aperture adjustment ring had the printed aperture settings removed, and a small OLED on the lens barrel displayed the actual aperture, that would be an example of clearing up a situation in which a physical control disagrees with the LCD or EVF display.

Adding in some or all of these changes would certainly increase the price (substantially), but of course if the sensor performance, lens and AF performance remained essentially the same in a new RX10V model as in the current RX10IV, purchasers could make the decision to pay extra for the new features in the RX10V, or buy a less expensive RX10IV. (The RX10, RX10II and RX10III are all being currently sold at various price points.)

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