Changing to mirrorless?

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Re: Changing to mirrorless?

MarcBton wrote:

I've not visited this forum for some time, so first off all, apologies if this question has been asked and answered many times before.

I'm trying to find out if it is beneficial yet to change over to a lighter and smaller but very capable camera system without giving up too much on image quality and ease of use.

m4/3 gear is very sophisticated with great IBIS and many algorithms that allow the camera to do amazing things. IQ would be somewhat less but I doubt you would ever notice it if you buy high quality lenses.

My main interest is capturing my travel exploits, both holiday and work trips where I usually try to reserve a few days to combine this with a landscape session. I like to go out for a pre-sunrise hike, find a spot and take some images. Additional to this I take family snaps and go for weekend hikes both planned for photography or add hoc.

The weight saving is in the lenses in m4/3 where the smaller sensor allows much smaller lenses particularly at longer focal lengths. The smaller lenses in turn don't create as much torque and so substantial weight savings can be found in a smaller tripod. For daytime photography except macro a tripod is superfluous due to the great IBIS.

The weak spots are in higher ISO's above about 3200 which is rarely necessary in nature images especially with the use of a tripod. FF will have an advantage in Astro/landscape because of less noise at higher ISO's and in shots taken towards the sunset if you try to unnaturally raise shadows to get rid of the backlit effect.

My current system is FF canon, with a selection of heavy L lenses. Typically I take a manfrotto full height aluminium tripod with a heavy junior geared head,a Canon 5D3 & 5D classic, ef16-35 f/4L, ef100 f/2.8L and ef70-200f2.8L. As well as this a full compliment of Lee filters. Changing over to something else will be costly. With all the accessories my sunk costs are considerable although prices for used kit are quite strong, helping to fund replacements.

I would imagine you could either keep your kit for photography closer to the car or trade it in for good return.

I'm considering hiring a kit of Sony or Fuji equipment for a week's holiday to help me decide, but before doing this as hiring a camera and selection of lenses kit for a week will cost at least £500 I'd like to invite some comments of those of you who have made this FF to mirrorless change before.

Sony and Fuji have fewer good lens choices than m4/3 and will not give you the weight/bulk savings.

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