Question about quality of my new 12-60mm f2.8-4.0

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Question about quality of my new 12-60mm f2.8-4.0

Hi all,

I am new to Mirrorless. I just purchased G85 +14-42 II kit last month, and I was not satisfied with the lens quality especially under low light. Yesterday, I just purchased 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 (its focal length is the same as my previous P&S, Canon S100). I noticed that there might be very minor softness on the right, so I took some shots of several charts with different focal lengths and apertures. I put my camera on table, used Electronic Shutter, Aperture Priority, disabled stabilization, remotely controlled using mobile phone, removed UV filter.

I attach here (Figures 1 - 4) some shots under different focal lengths with the available widest aperture (the rest of the photos can be found here if you want to see : ).

It looks like it always has a minor softness near the end of top right and bottom right. At 44mm, suddenly the bottom row becomes slightly softer.

I roughly rate the softness with values from 0 (which is the sharpest), and increasing values correspond to increasing softness (I don't have scale for maximum softness, I just want to illustrate relative softness between different shots):

12mm f2.8: Center=0, TR=1, BR=1, BL=0, TL=0.5

25mm f3.5: Center=0, TR=2, BR=2, BL=0.5, TL=0.25

44mm f3.9: Center=0, TR=1, BR=3, BL=1, TL=0

60mm f4.0: Center=0, TR=0, BR=1, BL=2, TL=0

(TR = Top Right, BR = Bottom Right, BL = Bottom Left, TL = Top Left)

I was also worried that the lenses might be decentered. So I did a simple test (Figure 5), and it looks like it is ok.

So, I am just wondering, if this is not a big deal (e.g. just minor flaw/defect which exists in each lens), or it is serious that I need to get it replaced ?

I also attached real-world photo (which I took immediately after I purchased the lens) in Figures 6 & 7.


Figure 1. 12mm f2.8

Figure 2. 25mm f3.5

Figure 3. 44mm f 3.9

Figure 4. 60mm f4.0

Figure 5. Decentered test

Figure 6. Real world test, 25mm f2.8

Figure 7. Real world test, 44mm f3.9

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