Irritating articles/opinions from sites you respect--Lensrental

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Re: Irritating articles/opinions from sites you respect--Lensrental

KWEnz wrote:

phill104 wrote:

KWEnz wrote:

phill104 wrote:

Dave wrote:

phill104 wrote:

Johnw12 wrote:

phill104 wrote:

You do realise that capitalisation of words is considered shouting and as such very rude. When I see a post with extensive use of this I and many others simply ignore it, the same as we would if someone was shouting at us in the street. I quickly glanced at what you have written and it is clear you have various axes to grind, so gave up.

I must have missed it. I don't see where the OP used all caps?

It is in one of his responses to me. Just look through the thread.

Not the entire post, just a smattering of words?

Bit like normal shouting. Still cannot be bothered to read through it all as it is just ranting.

What you wrote is no less rude

I am sure the OP is more than capable of responding himself thanks. Not sure why you are getting involved in his long response to me. Surely I have the right to respond to KrampusClaus.

That may be true however some people need their hypocrisy pointed out to them. The OP might be too polite to do that.

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Feel free to call me whatever you wish. I politely responded, if you did not take it that way there is little I can do about that. I made no personal insults, but you seem happy to do so.

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