The future might be going backwards??

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The future might be going backwards??

I have been in IT professionally for 21 years now and have been into photography since 1971. Since I moved to digital, first with the MAVICA (google it!!) Floppy driven, then Coolpix5000 .... *fastforward*

So in the last few years I have been travelling with first a Macbook Air, then a crappy SAMSUNG WIN7 laptop. Simple reason was that I didn't want to take my new Macbook Pro overseas. My last few destinations over the last few years were Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and various parts if India, plus Indonesia ...

In short: there often wasn't internet available and when it was, the speed was around dial up at best. On occasion I didn't have 240V either.

So had a good look into using an iOS device an iPad or iPhone to store my photos, save them to an external hard drive and then maybe edit the odd one whilst on the road.

But it seemed to be much more difficult than I thought as the iOS devices don't have a file manager so you can't just save your rams and jpgs into a newly created folder and then save the folder to an external hard drive.

I asked some APPLE whizz-kidddds at a couple of APPLE stores that also had third party devices but nobody could help me with regards to creating folders on an iPAD.

Since cloud storage is out of the question for me, the only way to store my jpg/raw combinations was to get an Android, in my case the P10 Lite. Added 64GB of mSD storage and now save my photos using a micro-USB cable connection, then save the newly created folders back to either an external hard drive or a USB stick.

Since I work in IT I have noticed that more and more people are leaving the boat of iPhones/iPads - a shame really since they developed the iOS devices in the first place - but can see the attraction of the other players.

In my case, since I travel a lot I can use a USB stick with a few movies on it and simply plug it it - and watch on my P10. On my iPAD I have to first "import" the file in iTunes and then synch the files. No biggie really but by comparsion nevertheless a clumsy affair.

Coming back to my title: I would think that APPLE could be back in the game if they introduced

a file explorer system, like Finder or Win Explorer. I use ES File Explorer on my P10, but wish I could use something similar on my iPad ...

an extension slot for a mSD card. It it simply silly in this day and age to limit this to some sub-20.00$ in real terms storage as Cloud storage often saves a temp folder on your mobile device - unless you are always on a fast connection where it doesn't matter as much.

Any rumours out with regards to a step back (local storage) or will this be the same old, same old, creat an ADOBE account a buy a subscription for x-GB and load via the Internet.

This I am afraid doesn't wok when travelling - unless there is something out there that I haven't heard of that could work on an iPAD also??

Happy to take any suggestions on board!


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