Anyone shoot both Fuji and Full Frame? Thoughts?

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Anyone shoot both Fuji and Full Frame? Thoughts?

So I've been going back and forth a lot lately in a rather pricey decision over whether to pick up an X-H1, or a A7Rii. Some of you have probably helped me with some feedback on several issues of the last couple weeks (and it's very much appreciated).

Right now, I can pick up a new Panamoz X-H1 for £1450. Or, I can get a used but decent condition (3000 shutter count) A7Rii, for £1200.

I'd have to buy lenses of course, but I can pick up a 28/2 and 85/1.8 for pretty cheap (£800 total for both), and by all accounts they're very good lenses, at least comparable in optical quality to what I could get for Fuji.

And so I'm curious, from people out there who actually have used (or still use) both systems, how much of a difference am I really going to get between the 42MP full frame and the 24mp APSC?

There is always the option to me, of just buying the used Sony kit anyway and trying it myself for a couple months. It won't lose much in value in that time, and if I dislike it I can always sell it on. But before I commit to even that level of messing around, I figured I'd get some thoughts on the subject. I like hearing the views of people who have already had the experience before me!

The thinking pretty much boils down to - if I will not see any actual difference in the photos themselves, then there's no point bothering with running two systems.

My shooting - Street, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, macro. 
                       - UK based, so a lot of cloudy days, and evening/night shots, lots of poor light type of shooting. Not sure how much difference this makes so I thought I'd tack it on here.

Appreciated any thoughts for and against this, and general advice. No trolling please, don't need to hear that noise.

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