D500 vs D7500: differences?

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Re: D500 vs D7500: differences?

Johnsonson wrote:

Looking to buy a Nikon APS-C camera.
Seems like the D500 is the flagship but besides the dual memory cards is there big difference between the 2? It's going to be permanently mounted to a Tamron 150-600mm.

Haven't read the whole thread, so I am sure all the items I'm going to mention have already been brought to your attention. What do you get for the additional dollars (marks, pounds, Euros, Yen), with the D500 and not with the D7500? Perhaps the biggest difference is the AF system. The system that is in the D7500 is very competent. Nikon users have had the 51 point system and its tweaks since 2007. I've had no complaints... until the D500, and D5 introduced us to the 153 point system. It is dead on accurate, when tracking and extremely fast. In the D500, it covers pretty much the entire VF end to end. In shooting sports, I find the focusing to be almost infallible. My rant on AF is over.

Second major difference is the Ability to take a grip. My main lens on the D500 is a 7.5 lb zoom that makes the kit front heavy. The additional grip, gives it a little more balance. But what is more important is the grip gives my camera a second battery. When shooting sports, I will reel off 12-1400 shots in a game.

Third major difference is the types of cards that are used. Besides having two slots, the D500 uses the XQD card and the SD card. Because of the speed that XQD can read, the cameras buffer can allow me to squeeze off up to 200 images with one press of the shutter button. I haven't needed to do that, but I've used good chunks of that feature when tracking a player from end to end on the field.

Controls (function buttons), User interface, menus, and body design are all different between the two cameras. They can make a difference deciding, but not for me. The above three made the difference.

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