Upgrading from the 5D Classic...

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Upgrading from the 5D Classic...

I have a question which is both shocking and scintillating. Prepare to be amazed. Well, not really. But I figured I might get a better response if I throw some hyperbole out there.

Ahead of a coming trip, I've decided to (finally) upgrade from my rusty, trusty 5D. It's been a great body and I'm constantly amazed by how great of results I get from a 15 year old camera. I honestly think there is something special about that sensor.

But, it's time. I'd like to get something with a newer sensor and some of these fancy features I keep reading about.

Before it came out, I had figured that the 6D2 would be the camera I'd buy when I finally got around to upgrading. There was a lot I liked about the 6D and I just assumed that the 6D2 would be a clear upgrade. Well... based on the reviews, it doesn't seem like it.

I figure I can find a good used 6D for around $800-900 USD. A 6D2 runs $1600/$1300 new/used. Based on everything I read I just don't know if I feel like there's enough about the Mk 2 to be clearly worth 50-100% more money. I'm not a pro, I don't even shoot all that often these days. The biggest thing I want is just a newer sensor so I can do some stuff at higher ISOs and maybe try my hand at a little astrophotography this summer.

So, first question: what's the group consensus these days? Am I right in thinking that  used 6D is just a way better value?

Second question: I could spring for a used 5DIII. I've read enough to know that the 6D's sensor is slightly better on paper than the Mk3. But, are there any "intangibles" to the Mk3's sensor that make it a better choice? When I say "intangibles" I'm thinking of things like how people will comment about how the 5D classic has weirdly awesome skin tones or how certain Fuji's have great color. I always shoot raw, which levels the playing field, but I'm still interested in whether or not there are any thoughts from this angle.

Sorry for the long post. Clearly I plan to keep what I buy for a while so I'm just trying to get a feel for other's opinions. Thanks!

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