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I just picked up an E-M10 II, and while I'm liking it overall, I noticed that when I uploaded some images to Facebook, every image I upload had OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA plastered on them. I looked through the 10,000 menus in the camera trying to find it, and the closest I got was Copyright, but nothing anywhere I looked had this OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA text. Does anyone know how to turn that off? It's a bit annoying to have a camera company advertising on your images frankly, I never had this happen with any other camera.
Thanks for any info on this.

Yes, Olympus does it for advertising, i assume. I haven't seen any other camera do it. It appears uploading to Flickr too. I just delete the line manually when uploading a photo to Flickr, it only takes a second. I'm surprised you see it on Facebook though, Facebook has always stripped off all Exif fields in the past. Since you should be downsizing photos before posting them on Facebook anyway, just tell your image resizing software not to save Exif info when saving the downsized images before you post, and problem will be solved. It's a simple check box on many software programs.

The same thing happened to me recently as I’ve moved to Olympus... the EXIF explanation presumably explains it. Annoying, but easy to fix on FB itself.

One question... why would you need to downsize images before posting? As FB does it for you. Do you perceive better quality in the final images?

Facebook downsizing degrades the image badly. Better to resize to 2048 px longest size before uploading. Also better to upload the resized image from a desktop or laptop than from an iOS device in my experience.

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