YOUR mirrorless dream camera

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YOUR mirrorless dream camera

I wanna hear about it. What would your ideal mirrorless camera be? I want pie in the sky kinda stuff. Any manufacturer, any format, whatever. I dont care if its your idea of what you want Canon or Nikon to come out with as their top of the line pro model, or if its some weird format mirrorless from somebody else.

I'll start. I have two dream mirrorless cameras.

1. Canon A-1M. This camera would be as close to the original film A-1 as they can possibly get it, right down to the cute little metal grip that could be removed. I want it to have the original FD mount, but also with electrical contacts as well. Thats so you could mount up any old FD/FDn/FL lens and have it work perfectly in Aperture mode. The electrical contacts would be for a new series of FD lenses Canon would release that are as close to the original lenses as possible, but with updated designs and coatings. Some of these new lenses would be AF (maybe) but it would be ok if they were just manual as well. Program into the body correction software for all the old FD lenses so you could have a simple preset option to tell the camera what lens you were mounting up and the camera would provide correction if needed.

I dont envision this camera as Canons top of the line anything. It is a specialty shooter, a niche item that would provide a solid product to many people wanting a small but powerful interchangeable lens camera option. It would be sold along side other Canon cameras as a different animal. Street shooters would swoon over such a machine. Manual junkies and adapted lens junkies (like myself) would rush out in droves to buy. Classic FD lens prices would skyrocket. Canon would gain much street cred for thinking outside the box and delivering a neat little machine that would become an instant cult classic. Chance of becoming a real thing? Zero percent.

2. Sony AX-7. Thats right. A Sony version of the venerable Contax AX. Please give us an A7 style body (or even more retro) with a digital sensor the moves back and forth so we can auto focus with old manual glass. Make the mount completely dumb, no electronic contacts at all. But make available for purchase (made by Sony) adapters from all the traditional mounts (the usual suspects) machined to perfect specs so no more need of crappy adapters made to dubious specs in random parts of south east Asia. This camera would become an adapted lens shooters DREAM. No need for the Tech Art pro adapter, the camera does it all for you. Give it that great A7 III AF and you're ready to go with some of the best lenses ever made in the 20th century. Chances of ever becoming a real thing? Probably less then ten percent.

These are some of they types of examples I am looking for. There is no right or wrong answer here. There is no reason to argue. I am genuinely interested in those who enjoy mirrorless cameras as to what your dream camera would be.

Yonguo medium format for 1000 bucks? Fuji full frame XT? Canon 1Dx just as it is but with EVF instead of mirror?

Lemme hear it.

I ask that everyone reading and commenting respect other posters ideas. This isnt a who is better fanboy cluster post. I would like to know what mirrorless aficionados (or those wanting to get into mirrorless but have not yet found the right camera) are thinking when it comes to dream cameras.

Please feel free to discuss ideas in individual posts and ask questions for more details if you are interested. But I really dont care to hear why YOU think SOMEONE ELSES idea is dumb or will never happen. If you dont have anything positive to contribute then google Boxxy Love and Trolls and amuse yourself for a while.

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