What is your 'go to' wide angle lens?

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Re: What is your 'go to' wide angle lens?

somerandomphotog wrote:

Elljustin wrote:

I'm new to FF with the A7III and have been enjoying the kit lens, and I'm looking into getting a wide angle since I'll be primarily be doing a blend of seascapes/street/architecture.

I'd like to you know the wide angles you guys have enjoyed using, maybe which wide angle lens was your fist. For the past week I've been sitting here with sticker shock on how expensive the wide angles are, it will be a big investment.

A lot of people answered without asking what you shoot. Finally Koban asked:

* Zoom or Prime ?
* 2.8 or faster ?
* filter use ?
* etc.....

You answered:

I don't have a preference, the intention of this was to see which lenses are tried and true by the community. I wouldn't need a 2.8, I'd be using it mainly for static scenes and long exposure, ND filters.

If you're on a tight budget and don't mind lack of AF (you can just prefocus for street shots), and you can work around flare/ghosting, just get a cheap adapted lens from a defunct or cheaper system.

If you can't work around flare/ghosting, you will want a more modern lens with modern coatings. The FE 28/2 perhaps?

There's an excellent guide to some of them here: https://phillipreeve.net/blog/user-guide-ultra-wideangle-lenses-sony-alpha-7-series/

Also, if you are on a tight budget, are you sure you want full frame? For the kinds of photos you described, you don't need full frame. APS-C wideangles have more options to choose from, such as the $450 ($400 on sale, perhaps less used) Sigma 16/1.4 which is excellent, Samyang/Rokinon wideangles like the 12/2 which has a few flaws like flare/ghosting/ugly sunstars, but is otherwise cheap and great, etc.

Thanks for the help. I already have an a6000 with a Rokinon 12/2, and I'm looking for a wide angle for my A7III. I'm not on a tight budget, but >$1300 for the 16-35 f/4 is just off putting for me. If anything, I can get the Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 or 55mm 1.8 as an everyday lens, and use my a6000 w/Rokinon 12mm when I want to go wide.

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