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Re: I like DPPro

Dave wrote:

stevedavidsonphotography wrote:

KrampusClaus wrote:

In a nice way DPP makes it a market/biz diff, no other cam maker has its own (well maybe Sigma-a necessity i think) decent Raw/jpeg processor do they.

Not Sony, Nikon, nor most others.

so it is a biz decision imo & a nice convenience, and of course there are MORE components offered than just DPP too, no ?

I suspect just me, but I do MY OWN raw folder organization and I wish LR did not force that library crap but had it as an option, you know Folders (directories) are generally PERMANENT and thus do NOT move around, so the next time you run LR, it could simply go to the last or chosen default Folder, rather than a library, no ?

I suspect pros need a library, mostly to place a quality score on a pic, but it is easy to create semi/permanent folders to house an event's pictures, no ?

Year-Locale-Month-Day-Event-Output for instance.

as a library with markings is easily lost or destroyed, whereas we take more care for folders don't we ? I do, multiple HDD/SDD, partitions, backups, etc.

MarshallG wrote:

Dave wrote:

MarshallG wrote:

I don’t know what’s “awful” about it; I like it. It’s fast, easy and effective. And free

Really free, or factored into the camera's price?

I joke that only the first copy of software costs the developer/provider anything.
Maybe DPP is part of what Canon uses in-house that it modifies for customers.

It doesn’t really make sense to me. It seems to me that Canon should put their efforts into clearly documenting the source code of a RAW file reader for their RAW file formats, and not waste time on a full-blown editor. That way, all third-party RAW editors can perform at their very best with Canon images.

Canon lens, camera body, software and a Canon printer are all pieces of the famous Canon colors ?

Canon is the only company that can deliver a complete photography setup ?

Even Canon paper.

Among the reasons I stay with Canon.  BTW, I use DPP all the time and love it.

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