What's up with the varied banding in this GM5 e-shutter photo?

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Re: What's up with the varied banding in this GM5 e-shutter photo?

Numerous helpful replies, with a caveat: all this talk about frequencies may not apply to stage lighting. There are times where stage lighting is set up with specific busses designed to handle the type and intensity of the lighting, and the fact that the lighting has to respond accurately to dimmers, and also the flashing/strobe effects found during performances. One result of this is the frequencies of the lighting may not be the same as household lighting. This is the usual reason why a shutter speed that avoids banding with household lighting can still show pronounced banding with stage lighting. (For instance, in the venue I work for, I can use E shutter for the stage lighting at speeds that show banding if I use the same settings in the conventionally lit galleries).

Sometimes you just have to experiment, chimping shots and adjusting shutter speed as necessary. There will also be times when there is going to be at least a hint of banding no matter what, if mixed sources are used. When it comes to electronic shutters, (and in some cases mechanical shutters) mixtures of tungsten, LED, lasers and strobes found in some stage lighting don't play well together.

The fact that the lighting can come from different directions complicates things as well.

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