Alternatives to Panasonic 100-400?

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Re: Alternatives to Panasonic 100-400?

Michael Meissner wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

Buy the 100-400 with a 3 or 5 year warranty, think you are worrying about something that might never happen!

As I understand it, this whole thread was started due to a Canadian customer (Anne?) who had a broken 100-400mm and was told by Panasonic that they couldn't fix the lens because they no longer made the part. Hence the person asking the question was looking for something to replace the 100-400mm that had a better chance of being repaired.

If is is the case that Panasonic no longer has a stock of parts to fix the lenses, then any warranty may be meaningless. Sure, they may have a cache of 100-400mm's that they replace the customer's lens, but sooner or later those will run out.

I would expect sooner or later, any lens/camera/flash that is no longer being made, that the stockpile of spare parts would run out. But as far as we know, the 100-400mm's are still being sold as new. Perhaps Panasonic has indeed stopped production, and just has a big warehouse of them, and are selling them until they are depleted.

Don't think so, they have openly said the lens construction is difficult to implement outside of Japan, therefore they refurbish them in Japan and issue stock to their repair centres. The problem is that if you are outside of a warranty then you might have a big repair bill. If you have an extended warranty you are covered and the exchange will be painless.

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