MacBook Keyboard issue

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Re: MacBook Keyboard issue

photosen wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

I should be concerned about enough to postpone the purchase or buy a PC instead?

Yes, enough of an issue to postpone; a Windows laptop is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

The Macbook Air is a decent alternative, it still has the old non !!!ed up keyboard, although the display isn't great; or a 2015 macbook pro, made more palatable at a discount.

1400x900 resolution?  Not interested.  Might as well run a Chromebook.

And the thought of spending a lot of money for 3 year old laptop hardware is painful.   Not to mention the reliability concerns, given that laptops tend to self destruct due to heat and battery wear.

This is the same thing I go through with their phones.   I want to like them for the software, but Apple is making the worst hardware choices lately.

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