Great Nikon D750

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Great Nikon D750

I purchased my Nikon D750 shortly after it was announced in 2014 and notwithstanding two Nikon recalls, I still love this camera as much as ever. I follow DPReview every day and I have been delighted to see that the D750 had been on the most popular camera list for over three years.  I am grateful I purchased it.  However, the price of the body dropped by $800 and sells today for around $1500.  The good thing is that I have had nearly four years of great photos with it.

Not only  does it not feel like a tank but it is quite user-friendly.  I shoot RAW and JPG in manual mode and produce great images every time.  While it does have a low pass filter, I still get images with great resolution and clarity.  I like the dual SD card slots which gives you options for using the second card for overflow, backup or putting RAW on one card and JPG on the second.

I have a range of professional lenses from 16mm to 200mm and aside from the sheer weight of this nearly professional equipment, I still love my D750 outfit.  It's heavier than hell transporting all together, but that's why they invented wheels.

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Nikon D750 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85
Nikon D750
24 megapixels • 3.2 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 12, 2014
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