PRO-1000 Media Type for Hahnemühle PR Duo

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PRO-1000 Media Type for Hahnemühle PR Duo

Hi All,

This is one for the Canon experts.

I am trying to create a custom media type for the Hahnemühle Photo Rag Duo paper, a matte paper with 276 gsm.

I would like to achieve the following:

  • Black ink setting should be "MBK" only, since this is the case in the media type Hahnemühle recommends for their matte papers.
  • Use the rear tray and not only the manual tray, which should be OK since the paper has < 300gsm.
  • Create a calibration target.

There seems to be no base media type I can use that allows all three of them.

  • High Density Art, the one recommended by Hahnemühle, does not allow the use of the rear tray.
  • The lighter matte base types (e.g. "Heavy Art Paper") use "MBK,PBK" for black ink.
  • The special base types (I used Special 6) would fix the two of the above issues, but they do not allow creation of a calibration target.

Is there any hack to solve this? Is there any logical reason why the special media types do not allow calibration targets?

Regards, Robert

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