I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

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Re: I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

HeyItsJoel wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

What does brightness level did you set the calibration for?

If you have an iMac, it's one bar to the left of midpoint.

Not what I mean.

What most people mean when they say they have "calibrated" their moniitor or display is actually a two step process: Calibration and Profiling.

In the Calibration step you first set the numbers you want to use for the display,  primarily the brightness (luminance) and gamma ( contrast curve). The Luminance setting is the brightness value I am asking about. For general internet use 120 cd/m(2) is standard but if you are printing the current thinking is 160 cd/m(2) is better.
Once you have told the software the settings you want to calibrate for, the colorimeter reads the patches and the software compares the digital values of the signals sent to the display/monitor for each patch to  how the video + display transforms those values into a color. 
Profiling, builds a matrix or  with some systems , a LUT (Look Up Table) set of calculations so that each patch either matches (which is the ideal) or comes as close as the  computer's hardware (video/graphics processor + display) allows.  The final difference for each patch is the delta (Difference) value. Ideally it is less than 1 and as close to zero as possible.

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