I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

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Re: I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

HeyItsJoel wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

HeyItsJoel wrote:

I'm sure it's accurate and everything but the display isn't very bright at all.

I went through the process and it instructed me to lower the brightness level to match the target level (according to what the puck measured) so I did. I'm doing this at night so the only ambient light source is a desk lamp to the left of the screen.

I did this calibration so I can start printing images I took (sending it to a lab online). But is the cost of printing images a lower brightness level that I have to live with? Am I stuck with this dimness when I'm photoshopping stuff? I guess if I brighten my screen a little I won't be getting an accurate representation of the final print product, right?

What does brightness level did you set the calibration for?

If you have an iMac, it's one bar to the left of midpoint.

With my screen brightness set at just left of midpoint, I find the room brightness doesn't make much difference to the final image. But usually the room is in "shadow" for RAW adjustment. For general Internet viewing this setting is also fine.

Adjusting RAW at a lower screen brightness level does not mean that it will print dark. It just means that you will probably get the shadow areas properly adjusted etc.

Running at lower screen brightness might also benefit the longevity of the screen display!

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