RX10 V - close???

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Re: RX10 V - close???

Enders Shadow wrote:

With the sales of compacts still in decline, I also expect manufacturers will continue to lengthen release cycles.

I look at it as doing what they need to do to (a) stay attractive to potential new buyers and (b) getting existing owners to upgrade.

It's hard to imagine what would get RX10 IV owners to upgrade.  And new buyers have to view the RX10 IV as the pinnacle of the 1" models on the market right now.  The great thing for Sony is that they supply the sensors to the competition, so they know they're not about to be leapfrogged any time soon (at least in terms of what you can do with the sensor).  So unless Panasonic or Canon have something up their respective sleeves that will make the RX10 IV look less competitive any time soon, the release cycle can be long, as you say.

Anybody currently considering the RX10m4 shouldn't even worry about its successor.

Agreed.  Besides, who wants to spend $2000 on a fixed lens camera ?

- Dennis
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