TZ/ZS 100 Video af-hunting issue

Started May 16, 2018 | Discussions thread
CaliforniaDave Senior Member • Posts: 1,513
Re: TZ/ZS 100 Video af-hunting issue

pampel wrote:

brousseb wrote:

I don’t bother with AF-C, I find it hunts way too much. Try setting the autofocus to AF-S. still not perfect but much better and usable.

That's what I was using: AF-s and still plenty of hunting. Any other ideas what could cause These hunting issues?


I have owned ZS40/50/60 and currently own ZS70/100 and LX10. When shooting video they all hunt far more than do my current Sony cameras, HX90V, RX100V and RX10IV. Perhaps it is due to the DFD focus technology in the Panasonic cameras, which generally works well for still photos, but not video.

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