RX10 iv battery charging times

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Re: RX10 iv battery charging times

nanci322 wrote:

I haven't tried one. I've never seen them before, nor heard of them!

Nanci -

Well... NOW is your chance to try one..for the few miserable £/$ they are..PLEASE do.. and do NOT give it up too easily..it may well seem a little bit different when you first fire the shutter .. just getting used to the amount of press you need on that flat buttoa soft release button on but it is just a matter of finding that nice easy soft press on the button top INSTEAD of having to push down the much smaller shutter button. It WILL likely feel different at first but I feel sure that after literally two or three shots you will get the feel of it very easily...  Believe me.. I'd never persevere with anything I do not feel is right or better...DO please give it a go..it's SO cheap and easy to try...
I'm sure the initial difference is just getting the feel of pressing the shutter with literally the first joint of your finger curled over the button..instead of having to use your finger-end to press down on the shutter...however softly and easily you fire the shutter in the ordinary way it IS a press-down where the soft-release is more of a gentle squeeze down

If Pro's use it (as they very often did) then surely it's got to be accepted as a good - or the better - way

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