RX10 I II III IV lenses have NEVER been ranked against other lenses???

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Re: RX10 I II III IV lenses have NEVER been ranked against other lenses???

Sorry if I was not clear or strayed off your topic. What I am starting to wonder about is if there will continue to be a significant consumer market for high performing lenses (I mean high by consumer standards) when cameras like the RX10 series perform "good enough" for 99% of people. Especially as costs come down for RX10 type cameras while the ILC lenses and camera prices stay put.

I am old enough now that simply as a consumer I have seen lots of product categories collapse. (Actually like my electrical engineering professors told us would happen but we were young and somehow we couldn't comprehend what they were telling us.) And the more I move into management roles as an engineer and work with marketing, I am seeing case study after case study of collapses I was not aware of before. And seeing my company plan for collapses. And I am seeing some similarities with high end camera lenses. It is not about the quality of the lenses. It is about demographics, choices peoples have when spending disposal income, whatever is the shiny new pebble, and what is good enough for the price.

Especially now that I have an RX10-IV. And I am looking at a shelf full of DSLRs and camera lenses and thinking, if I had had the RX10-IV ten years ago... I may not have bought any of the DSLRs for personal use.

Kind of as an example, my brother in law works with the marketing people in one of the big three automakers. They are painfully aware that the young people of today care way less about a cool new car than they do a cool new smartphone. It is a completely different world for the car makers than it was 15 years ago. And it is having a huge impact on car design. And Ford just announced converting of car making plants to SUVs and ending sales of most car models in the US. Largely driven by young people not being interested in new cars. It is a collapse engineers my age have a hard time understanding. When we were teenagers we obsessed about new cars and tiny performance improvements. Now, to a young person, a car is a commodity. It just does a job and there is no reason to pay anything extra for more than just basic function.

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