Panasonic 100-400 to be discontinued?

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Still concerned

I guess this policy makes those BIF shots a lot more valuable.

Couple of thoughts:

- What is the quality of the refurbished copies that the consumer is getting when they send in a lens for warranty work? While that policy is normal, I received three subsequent copies that had issues. One felt greasy, like it needed to be cleaned (in addition to not fitting on my Oly body.)

- If parts are limited in Japan, are the refurbs coming from Japan? Or are you having an untrained tech "inspect" returns and then sending them out as a refurbished lens?

- Why are there so many problems/variations with this lens, especially the zoom stiffness and not fitting on some bodies.

- How can a consumer be assured they get a decent copy? Is buying in-person (trying before buying) the only way? This is not a cheap lens to mail, if you need to return it.

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The McAllen facilty is awful, especially when it comes to communication. For a different product two years ago i was told two conflicting stories by the same person (the EVF was fine and no work was done and then that they replaced the EVF).

Personally, I'd like info about the lens I send for repair. What did they find?

I guess it's basically an $1800 item that's disposable after the warranty ends. Please, Olympus, do something!


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