E10-18 vs E16-50 vs E20

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E10-18 vs E16-50 vs E20

I have these and so thought I'd compare these at the relevant focal lengths to see the difference. For those who are interested these are the results but I also have some questions as a result of this for those who want to get to the end of this!

1, Brick Wall test E10-18 vs E16-50

The camera was on a tripod. 2 second delay. Centre focus. Manual mode. ISO 100. Aperture set as below and then changed the shutter speed to make the exposure meter set to zero. OSS was turned off. I did the test twice and got very similar results. These were the results of one of the tests - it is a copy of the speadsheet I made:

Here is the f8 photo of the E10-18 at 16mm:

And here is the E16-50 at f8 photo at 16mm:

And here is the photo of E10-18 f8 at 18mm:

And the E16-50 f8 at 18mm:

2. Handheld photo test E10-18 vs E16-50

Obviously I am not going to take photos of brick walls on a tripod very often! So this was to see any difference when using the camera as I would usually do. Handheld. Manual mode. ISO100. Aperture set as below and alter the shutter speed to get the right exposure. I have done a number of these tests and got very similar results. I can post some of those photos if people want to see them but to keep this short these are the results from one of the tests - it is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I used to record the results:

I was looking at sharpness generally across the frame as opposed to the centre and corners separately - but you can of course see differences between these.

This is the E10-18 at f8 at 16mm:

This is the E16-50 at f8 at 16mm:

This is the E10-18 at f8 at 18mm:

and this is the E16-50 at f8 at 18mm:

3. Brick Wall E16-50 vs E20

Same as test 1 above. Screen shot of results:

This is the photo E16-50 at f8 at 20mm

This is the E20 at f8 at 20mm (obviously!)

4. Colour Wall test E16-50 vs E20

Same as the brick wall test but the scene is a colourful playmat hung up. These are the results:

This is the E16-50 at f8:

and this is the E20 at f8:

5. Handheld test E16-50 vs E20

Same process as above. I have done this test in numerous places. These are the results for one of the tests:

This is the E16-50 at f8

This is the E20 at f8:


1. My copy of the E16-50 is very sharp in the centre but very poor in the top left corner and pretty decent in the bottom right corner. This is clearly decentred at these focal lengths.

2. The E10-18 is good except at f4. Overall it is the best lens compared to the others even though 18mm is the worst focal length for this lens. Although the difference disappears when doing handheld shots - see comment below.

3. My copy of the E20 is not very good. I was assuming, and hoping, it would be better than my E16-50 but it isn't.

4. Despite the problems with the E16-50 it did well against the others. It did particularly well when I have been doing handheld shots. So I wonder if I am doing something wrong? The 10-18 was much better on a tripod but not when taking handheld shots. Equally, the difference between the 16-50 and the 20 is more exaggerated in handheld shots than on a tripod. It seems much better handheld. I did exactly the same in taking the shots. I was standing in the same place with the same settings doing the same things so I wouldn't have thought it was the settings or even me but it must be. Any ideas and advice are very welcome.

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