what is the difference between FSI and BSI sensor

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what is the difference between FSI and BSI sensor

Before starting this question I will tell that I am not from a science background but because this question is related to science and technology so I am posting it here.

Please try to explain me accordingly.


I read that :

In FSI light has to pass through metal and dielectric layers required to enable the sensor to convert photons into electrons then it reaches at silicon substance so light intensity/amount of light reaching the photosensitive area is limited.

now here I am confused 'silicon substance' is a photodiode or its silicon.

Photodiod is a light-sensitive semiconductor and silicon is also a semiconductor so what is the difference ?

Regard BSI :

these metal and dielectric layers are down to silicon substance so light is hitting directly to silicon instead passing first through metal. now my question is if these metal and dielectric layers are back / behind of silicon substance then how they are converting photons into electrons.

in first, image using silicon substance word but in the second image using photodiode word

and I don't know what is this 'substrate' word here referring (a particular kind of matter with uniform properties ?)

or maybe I think I misunderstood entire functioning. So I tried to search on internet but unable to find an accurate explanation in a simple word and many places they are using different terminology, for example, silicon substance instead of a photodiode or they are not explaining how light is converted to an electronic/discreet signal.


Basically what I am looking is : How in FSI light is converted to electronic and How in BSI light is converted to electronic. What materials are used in both layout of (FSI and BSI) and for what purpose these materials are used at that part, thereby having comparison also between them?

Also, there is another category that is 3D BSI at https://www.quora.com/BSI-sensor-is-better-But-why-expensive-DSLR-Cameras-uses-CMOS-sensor-instead-of-BSI-sensor

does 3D-BSI based cameras are coming in the market by Sony, Panasonic or any company?

Can anybody provide me a link for this explanation? or explain me in a non-confusing way

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