If single SSD C:drive; add LR-Catalogue to Win10, or on partition, or on external SSD?

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Re: If single SSD C:drive; add LR-Catalogue to Win10, or on partition, or on external SSD?

ADMint wrote:

First, I've not heard you describe the tests the OP would 1) understand, and 2) run, where 3) they'd understand the information they got.

Secondly, bottlenecks happen all the time in a system so chasing them down can be time consuming, and costly if one were to deal with them hardware wise.

Anyway tis no rookie here. I've been building PC's since 98. Point is experience.

With that we'll agree to disagree and move on. If the OP becomes interested in bottlenecking I look forward to your.... suggestions.

Then to quickly clarify in case the OP or someone needs it since this can save a lot of hassle in your workflow and money:

You get a set of images (150 24mp images in my test).

You create a catalog for the test and run an import of them and time it on different drives/combinations of drives purging the cache and deleting the preview files in the catalog folder between each run.

Then you simply see which one is fastest, and by how much. DPReview basically did this for their write up of the changes to LR.


The difference being their variable was the Lightroom version, in this test I laid out it's the storage medium(s).

The whole talk about bottlenecks is that if there's little to no difference in the times then something else is limiting your performance, not the storage medium.

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