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Richard_CC wrote:

Lets face it, however much kit you carry you will never get the same results as someone who can take full frame, huge tripod and spend hours waiting for the light. On a vacation you are normally with someone else, your timetable is set around a bigger plan and its normally click - move on - click - move on. I guess on a river trip, half the time the stuff you want to take pictures of will be in shade and you will be shooting against the sun, the other half will be fine with the sun behind you but you don't get the chance to come back 6 hours later to see it the other way.

You know those zip up toiletry bags you get on some flights - the ones that are about 8 inches by 4 inches? Into one of those I pack an ulzani table top tripod - good big ball head - a Sony RX100 with a small wrist strap, a lens hood, and in the side pocket a uv filter simply to protect the lens when the weather is rotten, a rarely used polarizing filter, a spare memory card and a cleaning cloth.

I also carry an android phone which works as a remote control, and in my overnight bag a single charger which works for the phone and the camera. Served me very well for 3+ weeks in New Zealand, cities, mountains, thermal pools, fijords.

All up its about 1 1/2 pounds weight, and the joy of not carrying DSLR and lenses and filters and...and.... is immense.

Just traded in some prime lenses toward the new Sony e 18-135. I was started by how light my a6000 + this lens felt, especially compared to the rx10 m3 which I used on recent trips to Africa and the Antarctic. I think the lens will be a good choice for upcoming trips that don't require a long lens.



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