I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

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Re: I just calibrated my iMac with the Spyder5Pro. This sucks!

There is much misunderstanding of this issue particularly as it relates to laptops.

I have never calibrated my MacbookPro yet I find when I transfer raw files processed on it they are pretty accurate when opened on a highly calibrated two monitor desktop system. However by experience I know what even the MBP retina screen can not reveal about midtones and highlights that my desktop monitors convey--so I would rarely print directly from a laptop anyway if only because printer ink is expensive so you want to get it right the first time.

Most of us who print on our own calibrate desktop monitors to what seems dim because it facilitates print evaluation but it really is not necessary to dim monitors to the commonly recommended levels and less so if you do not do your own printing and send jpegs to be printed. Even though we know better we all tend to pull a fresh print from the printer and hold it up to the monitor--that never works in the print's favor and worse if the monitor is too bright.

This may seem like heresy but unless you are having consistent problems with the prints you are getting from wherever you get them you may not need to calibrate your laptop at all let alone to the usual dim levels favored by do it yourself printers. You can calibrate an external monitor more easily and accurately if you want to go that route and the larger screen facilitates complex image processing.

If you are having problems with the prints you are getting they can range from the way you convert a raw file to a jpeg to the fact that the printing service itself does a lousy job and everything in between. If your print service delivers a good print of an out of camera untouched jpeg then you might have a problem in your workflow for which calibration alone may not be the solution.

A contributor to these forums maintains digitaldog.net that has excellent explanatory videos about these admittedly complex topics.

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