sd Quattro surprised me with its AF performance

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Re: sd Quattro surprised me with its AF performance

Jarno-Germany wrote:

I have recently, acquired a Sigma 20-40mm EX DG F2,8 82mm Filter.

On SD1 the Micro focus adjustment is greyed out ?;-(

But it works fair, at least at around F5,6. (Usually i have to correct a Backfocus on my SD1)

On SDq AF did NOT work at all, have to MF.

The Lens is not bad for a Zoom, a little less contrast , locks on first lock like lack of sharpness, but in Post its quite sharp, even the corners. OK, all the ART Lenses may be better, have only the 30mm 1,4 A but did not direct comparison up to now.


as i remember, all older Zooms with non HSM did not work well on my SDq. Even the 18-200 OS first generation. As far as i remember, 55-200 F4 -5,6 ; 18-200 non OS; 24-70 2,8-4; 18-50 EX F2,8 for example.

Often i thought the Lens is real crap, but then i realized it is only Focus error related.

may be this are cheap Lenses, but the could perform decent, if the AF would hit

Any Idea, why this Lenses with Motor Af did not work well with SDq?

I have an old sigma 18-125mm, it was terrible on my SD15 (which was terrible for focusing anyway), on the SD-Q it's a completely different lens, very sharp, but it's manual focus only. The SD-Q won't focus lenses past the last generation in my experience, my Sigma 70-300mm APO is exactly the same, manual focus only.

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