How does Tamron 28-75/2.8 compare with 24-70 GM?

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How does Tamron 28-75/2.8 compare with 24-70 GM?

Sadly, Jared Polin ("FroKnows Photo" on Youtube) doesn't deliver on this clickbait title either.

Save your time watching his lame review:

Stuff we already knew reading spec sheets:
- no in-lens stabilization
- 28 is not 24
- lighter smaller
- GM is almost 3 times more expensive

Opinions expressed without backing it up in the review:
- Is GM sharper? Probably, just because... (heavier, more expensive, his long hair)
- You probably won't notice much of a difference
- Did I mention how cheap it is (and how poor you must be)?
- (Reassuring us) Tamron doesn't put out crap

Stuff demonstrated in the video:
- vignetting at 28mm (wide open, like he shoots everything)
- bokeh looks fine

Suspiciously, he says ZERO about AF performance (as if we all take for granted that every 3rd party vendor nails AF performance perfectly)

Remembers when he reviewed Tamron 70-200 G2 for Nikon, that he "had a tough time telling the difference" (and unlike this video, spent a lot of that review comparing images side by side to drive home that point).

Personal note: I went out and bought the Tamron G2 for the Nikon I then had (partly based on his more detailed comparison to the Nikon 2.8E), and could not have been more impressed with its performance.

Stupid gimmicky crap that's pointless:
- wind tunnel test (spits on lens)
- bad pun "sniff test" (as intro to barrel distortion)

He took a picture of a brick wall, and demonstrates uncorrected barrel distortion.

I can't wait for Tamron to give this lens to someone that can properly review and compare it to the GM.

I realize that because of confirmation bias, there are number of owners that want the Tamron to turn out being a piece of crap, and for the same reason, a number of pre-orderers that want to hear that GM is 3x the price, but no where near 3x the quality, perhaps as with the G2 series of Tamron, almost indistinguishable.

I just want someone to do the review and comparison job some justice. This review was a waste of time (and a package for delivering his various plugs and pitches). I unsubscribed after watching this. (I realize most of you are going to wonder why I ever thought this guy offered any value in the first place)

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