X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

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Re: X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

I just did a test comparing a Lumix GX9 and the Fuji X-H1 because I am at the verge of switching to m43.

First the Lumix with the 12-35 f2.8 II and the X-H1 with the 18-55 f2.8-4.0, both at 70mm equivalent and OIS turned on. Both lenses were at f4.0 and shutter speed at 1/8 sec. The Lumix images were sharp while the Fuji were blurry.

I switched to 85mm equivalent (42.5 and 56 respectively) both at 1.8, same shutter speed. The images from both cameras were sharp.

Conclusion: Fuji can't do dual IS. While IBIS works great with the no stabilized lenses the lenses with OIS won't get any benefit from IBIS. On the other hand, Dual IS in Panasonic is superb and very well implemented for video and stills.

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