EPSON SC P9000 or something else?

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EPSON SC P9000 or something else?

Hi there -

We are doing research to replace our Epson 7900 and 9900 & are mostly looking at the SC P9000 or a Canon equivalent.

The bulk of our Giclee printing these days are Canvas - we use Lex Jet Sunset Select Matte Canvas and Premier Spray afterwards.

We are really struggling with switching -possibly to Canon...mostly because we have a huge library of artist-approved "final" tiffs - Usually I save them with the paper- i.e. Somerset Velvet Red Hat final.tif . I have to assume it would be a much smoother transition to switch to Epson due to familiarity with its quirks and because the files have been printed on Epson in the past.

Mirage is my Rip Software.

I know the Canon is less expensive right now with some rebates and that they have the consumable printhead thing going for them - as well as an easier Matte/Photo swap.

I am worried about learning a whole new system when I am comfortable with Epson already... if anyone has insight into that, please share.

I did search the forums (44-inch Canon PROGRAF PRO-4000 vs. Epson SC-P9000) and read Northlight Images as well, but am wondering if there  is anyone with more recent feedback.

Thanks much!



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