SonyA7RIII thoughts from a Nikon Pro

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SonyA7RIII thoughts from a Nikon Pro

I shoot professionally with a D750 and D500 doing all sorts of event, editorial, portrait, and marketing work.

I had a shoot that required a silent camera and used the opportunity to rent the 40mpix Sony AR7III, 16-36 F2.8 and 70-200 F4, although I was hoping to rent the new A7III (not available)

It is clear: High quality EVF, silent shooting option, sensor stabilization and AF area that covers most of the frame with many optional configurations are essential, useful features that now perform at a pro level. I would rather not buy another full frame camera that doesn't offer these features.

I was able to get a high rate of very sharp pictures in the 1/30th -1/200th range which I never managed when I tested the D800 before going for the D600/750/500. Sensor IS and no mirror helps achieve sharper images at higher resolutions. But I still don't care much for more than 24mpix since I use iso 1600 and over for 75% of my shooting.

That being said, despite all the Sony accolades there are many issues that encourage me to wait for the Nikon version rather than go out and get a Sony now:

The body is unnecessarily SMALL with buttons all on the right side and seemingly randomly placed. Many need to be customized. This might be a nice camera with a set of 24-85 F1.8 primes for creative relaxed shooting. But for a pro who shoots 200-300 shots an hour typically with F2.8 or F4 zooms the A7 is too small and cramped, poorly laid out and complicated to use. And I didn't even try it with a bracket and flash which I image would be even more comfortable.

The menus aren't as bad as I expected but the way features are described need a lot of explanation, especially the AF.

But for me the D500, D750 are close to ergonomically perfect, in layout, buttons and menus. This means a lot when shooting 200-300 images an hour for several hours. I favor the shape of the D500 but love the U1, U2 of the D750

The Nikon AF and Image quality are also unbeatable and superior to the Sony, except of course for the AF options that the Sony has across the entire frame (VERY USEFUL).

My hope is that Nikon comes out with a full frame mirrorless camera as close in size and feel and layout to the D500, a little thiner, lighter with less of a view finder protrusion. It should feel like a typical Nikon DSLR. I hope they don't go down the rabbit hole of obsessing with body smallness since full frame mirrorless lenses don't seem to lose any bulk over DSLR lenses.

The Sony 70-200 F4 was actually bigger than the Nikon and I didn't think as good especially with backlight. However the 16-35 2.8 is really a superior amazing lens, much better than my old 17-35 AFS

Have any of you Nikon users tried the Sony?

Nikon D500 Nikon D750 Nikon D800 Sony a7
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