Can't decide between A7 RIII and A7 III - switching from Olympus

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Re: Can't decide between A7 RIII and A7 III - switching from Olympus

Michael Bagg wrote:

I have been using Olympus m4/3 camera for the last few years and I am considering switching to Sony full frame. However, I cannot decide between the above 2 cameras. They both get excellent reviews but I do not know it is worth spending the extra money on the RIII to get the extra resolution. I do print my pictures so the photos will not just be for Social media. Any guidance or advice or reference to previous discussions would be appreciated. I will probably buy the 12-100 F4 lens initially.

The R III for stills, no question.

Coming from tiny sensors and m43 (E-M1 and GX8), I vetted all three classes of FF sensors (42, 24, and 12mp). With a stills emphasis, 42mp is just a lot different in practice.

I found that 42mp gave the following benefits:

  • Primes in front of 42mp morph into 2x, even 3x zooms, that best competing focal lengths in m43. I found that the Leica and Olympus Pro primes couldn't keep up with the lowest quality Sony FE prime in front of 42mp, both at the matching FOV and one up, e.g. my 28mm f2 FF cropped to 50mm beat the Summilux 25mm f1.4 and Olympus Pro 25mm f1.2. Of course the Zeiss 55 f1.8 beat my much loved Nocticron as well. That was about when I called it quits for m43. When one inexpensive FF lens beat two m43 $1,000+ lenses.
  • Zooms in front of 42mp morph into primes. Even less regarded lenses like the Sony FF kit lens, Sony 24-70 f4 and Sony 24-240 10x zoom will outclass the "pro" m43 zooms after downsampling or stopping down once. Check DXO mark to see how. 
  • I rarely miss focus any more. The m43 alternatives could never keep my kids eyes in check. Now, with retinas in focus at any distance, I have more flexibility. The A7 III can do this of course, but with 42mp, a family photo can be cropped in for portraits as well.
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