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Re: nx500 vs nx1 vs...?

Kisaha wrote:

Luscofusco wrote:

I have a Samsung nx300 and I wanted to improve.
What do you recommend? La nx500 or La nx1?
Another camera?

For amateur photography, video for social networks (YouTube,...) and to film dance classes

What lenses do you recommend? I have the 18-55, 30mm and the 10mm of Samsung.

Thank you

For amateur photography and simple video, NX500 and NX1 will be good for at least the next 2-3 years. There is no better APS-C camera yet.

NX1 is the whole package, it has everything the NX500 has, plus a lot more, and the body is small, for a full grown pro mirrorless camera.

Try NX1, and keep your NX300 for when you want a smaller, and or as a back up camera.

NX300's video is truly terrible, if you shot with the NX1/NX500 you will see the light! NX1 of course has more features than the NX500, and no crop in 4K (that will be important in the near future), 100/120frames in 1080p, a slightly better codec, a viewfinder (if you care), and a lot more, plus is the best ergonomically camera I have ever use.

I think you are covered for most things with your lenses. Probably the 50-200mm for tele things, and if you want to film dance shows, or your classes from further away? If you can find a super deal, the NX1+16-50S (2-2.8f) combo is one of the best in business right now.

For amateurs, and for cheap, my next recommendation would be the Canon M50+15-45 kit lens+22mm (instead of the 30mm)+11-22mm (for ultra wide situations), and probably the 55-200, or whatever that tele zoom is, these are the only worth buying lenses in the system anyway, but for an amateur, and for starters, is a very good, and relatively cheap, kit. They have the best touch screen implementation after Samsung, and they have an almost logical User Interface lay out and ergonomics in the body.

M50 is worst than most things relatively to even the NX500, so I am not sure if it would be wiser to see what's going to be the next Eos M release, probably this autumn, before you decide.

Another solution is the X-T20, with a lot more expensive lenses though, and some other minor issues. Always check how much the lenses that you want to buy cost on a system.

>...and to film dance classes

When evaluating needs, suggest starting at the most technical demanding use-case.
Having raised 3 kids (now adults) and photographing tons of their indoor Basketball games, my Pro Canon EF 70-200 F2.8 L, forced me to position myself behind the backboard because action coming at me is less movement (less demanding) than shooting action going by me (had I positioned myself at center court).
I also owned Canon EF-S-17-55 F2.8 but not for sports (except end-of-season team pictures)

Really like everything Kisaha writes above.
FWIW: In 2015, I bought into Samsung's NX1, NX500, and their top glass 16-50S F2-2.8, 50-150 S F2.8. Obviously the heavy (weight) glass is perfect for NX1's ergonomics. Their Lighter weight glass perfect for both.
Hope this is helpful,
VERY best Tu Vu
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