Recommended lens for A7RII wildlife / BIF

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Recommended lens for A7RII wildlife / BIF

I have moved from Olympus M1 I to Sony A7RII and I would like to buy a lens for wildlife photography - mostly birds around lakes and birds in flight. I would like to be up to 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) in order to shoot handheld for short walks early morning and afternoon - 30 min - 1 hour max. 400mm followed by crop, equivalent of 600 mm, is tested as enough reach for me.

I tried the Sigma 150-600 with MC11, but it was too heavy to manage. What other decent options do I have. I have both MC11 and LA EA3.

I moved from the 4/3rd Oly due to weak AF capability and limited ISO. Otherwise the combination Oly M1 I with Pana 100-400 had enough reach for fixed targets, but could not get proper AF for BIF.

Possible solutions:

- Sigma 100-400 (canon) - sharp, good value for price, but seems not to be recommended for wildlife and BIF even with latest updates

- Sony 100-400 FE - sharp, expensive, seems to be best option

- Sony 70-400 I or II G SSM - quite bulky and heavy, not sure on LA EA3 perf. for BIF

- Canon 100 - 400 I or II, sharp, not the best on MC11

For the price of the Sony 100-400 FE new, I would buy a SH (FF Canon + 100-400 lens or 300 F4) and keep them just for BIF.

What is your experience with any of the combo and what would you recommend? thank you as this questions bugs me quite strongly lately

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