X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

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Re: X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

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Ok so, the two lenses i'm thinking of are the telephotos. I own the 50-230ii, which is rated at 3.5 stops, and I've always considered a swap to the 55-200, which is rated at 4.5 stops.

However when I took a look at the X-H1 chart (which I included below), it says that with the X-H1 added together, these lenses only get 3-stops and 4-stops respectively.

I know that when added together, the IBIS takes over 3-axis while the lens deals with the other 2-axis (pitch and yaw).

So I'm confused as to why adding IBIS, which takes a 3-axis lens to 5-axis in total, ends up losing half a stop in stabilisation... wouldn't it then be better just to turn IBIS off for these lenses? Or shoot on an XT-2 instead?

Seems like there's something odd there, so I thought I'd ask those who might have experience with it!

Think about the old Jerry Lee Lewis song - "too much a shaking going on. "

With OIS lenses and IBIS you have two independent control processing ongoing. At some point the control noise from each will impact the over all performance. This is to be expected. With the better lenses - XF80 and XF50-140 it maintains 5 stops I expect the OIS is much better designed than on the less expensive lenses.

So I don't find this table surprising all all. I would be surprised if it were any different.

In which case, is there an option to turn IBIS off on the X-H1? As the IBIS actually causes photos to be -worse- on those lenses!

Yes - it's in the manual. There are three settings, off, shooting only and continuous.

Isn't that for 'stabilisation' as a whole? And so turning it to off, will turn off both IBIS and lens IS?

With an OIS lens on the camera you actually can’t turn IS off in the camera. The only options are continuous or shooting only. You turn IS on or off on the lens.

Is that the case? It's not on my 50-230mm, as there is no IS control on that lens. I think. I'm going to go and check now lol but I'm sure it's not there.

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