X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

Started May 14, 2018 | Discussions thread
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Re: X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

It all depends on how well and how fast the camera communicates with the lens. It is the key issue.

A hypothetical example - suppose that you are taking a photo of a star and the lens has a perfect IS. Then even if the camera shakes, the lens would keep the image of the star dead on center.

Now , turn IBIS on, but if there is no communication with the lens, the camera does not know that the image is already stabilized. So camera is sensing the shake and starts moving the sensor back and forth to compensate for it and now the star image is moving all over the sensor.

Probably, the communication with older lenses is not up to snuff.

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