GR/GR II life expectancy ...?

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Re: GR/GR II life expectancy ...?

rondom wrote:

Archiver wrote:

My GR has developed a fault that others have experienced. When turning the camera on, the shutter stays closed, leaving a black screen. If you take a picture, it's a black image with a long exposure, as the camera thinks its a pitch black scene. Then the shutter opens and it's business as usual.

A workaround is to hold the shutter button while turning on the camera. This isn't perfect, as the camera takes a single black image first, then the shutter opens and the screen is back to normal.

I've read that this fault is a prelude to the shutter not working at all, so I'll continue to use it this way until if/when it needs repair.

Hi Archiver, what was your shutter count?

I don't know if Ricoh have a staggered file numbering system, but my last image was R0049687.  If the Ricoh file numbering is linear, that means I've taken 49,687 images with it.

I love this camera, and if it dies, I'll have to hunt down another, or a GR II.  My Panasonic LX7 needs repair and I've been using the GR as my everyday pocket camera until the LX10 arrives. I'd forgotten how good the GR is to handle and shoot, and I'm honestly a bit wary of how slippery the LX10 is going to be.

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