Best zoom range for an F/2 zoom lens

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Re: I would try 'almost' a prime with some framing flexibility

buratino wrote:

Edgar Matias wrote:

buratino wrote:

I would try a small sharp high quality fast limited-zoom lens like:

  • 20-25mm F2.0
  • 14-17.5mm F2.0
  • 12-14mm F2.0

So it would be 'almost' a prime with some framing flexibility

For me, that's a little too limiting.

Of the ones you listed, I think only the 14-17.5mm would be different enough to merit the effort, though I myself would prefer the 20-25mm.

Still, primes are even more limiting, but people use them. Why? they are small, cute, high quality, and fast.

And also because people favour (or see in) certain focal lengths, so they buy primes in those focal lengths.

Imagine a lens that is almost as small, cute, and optically perfect and fast as a prime plus extra bonus of some framing leeway. Interesting, for many people 20 and 25 mm lenses are very different, but a zoom covering the range becomes a little too limiting.

The reason it's too limiting is because a 20-25mm f/2 would only allow 20mm people to go a little longer, and 25mm people to go wider. It's only framing flexibility in one direction.

For what you're suggesting, a 25mm fan would need something like a 22-28mm, and a 20mm fan something like 17.5-23mm. Those are really weird focal length ranges (a very hard sell).

Based on the above, and the poll results so far, I think a 12-25mm f/2 would be viable.

As a compromise, I vote for 12-17.5 mm f2.0.

That's much better than an "almost prime". Now at least we're covering the whole range of "wide".

Pair it with a 20-42mm f/2 (or 25-42mm) and you'd have a fast and relatively lightweight combo, that covers the wide to portrait range with only 2 lenses.

Ok, 3 lenses: 12-17.5 (wide), 17.5-25 (normal), and 25-42.5mm (moderate tele).

Not bad.

The 25-42.5mm f/2 would be a sure hit, an ideal portrait zoom.

I'd still rather have a 20-42mm f/2 (normal to moderate tele) if it weren't too heavy. It would be on my camera all the time.

I think the weight goal for these types of lenses should be around 300g.

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