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Re: Took the plunge...

Suzatlarge wrote:

Photodug wrote:

...and ordered this one.


Did I make a mistake? I have 14 days to return it if needed.


On the face of it, I don't think this was a mistake at all. Of course, only you will know if it was a mistake, once you start using it. I hope you'll report back to us how it goes.

BTW, I'm typing this on a 2014 rMBP with the same specs which I bought used 2 weeks ago from a local Apple-certified shop where I've done biz for years. May have overpaid a bit for it but so far I'm pleased and I got their extended warranty which should cover me against some of the nasty things that might go wrong for the next 3 years.

Your nice refurb may have a newer generation processor than this one; the guy at the shop said the chip in this one is 2 generations old now.

I really will be interested in your experience so I hope you report back after you've used your new MBP!

Thank you! I have researched and watched the Apple refurb site, like the stock market, for a couple of months. Congrats on the purchase of your MBP!

You reminded me that there is an Apple-certified repair shop just a little over a mile from my house. I ran down there last night before they closed but he only does repair work now.

I will pick up my machine tomorrow and will let you know what I think. You can be sure I will need lots of help going from Window based machines to the MBP.

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