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Re: EF-S is an afterthought for Canon

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Consider that APS-C is largely an afterthought of Canikon. APS-C is meant to be a gateway drug to FF, hence why it is not as fully featured.

In what way is my Canon 7D Mark II (APS-C camera) not as fully featured as a FF camera? (And don't say sensor size...)

It's not about a single camera model. It's a bout a whole system.

But if EF-S was not an afterthought for Canon, they would not force its 7D users to wait 5 years for an update. And where's 7D Mk III I ask? Your 7D Mk. II is being left behind by newer, "lesser" Canon models. Do you think you will get something to upgrade to without switching to FF?

But really, it's not as much about cameras as about lenses.

Can you get a trio of high quality, high performance premium f/2.8 type zooms for your 7D II from Canon? I mean UWA, standard and tele. Like Canon offers for their FF cameras, Olympus for theirs, Panasonic for theirs (kinda) and Fuji for theirs (kinda).

Can you get a set of premium high quality fast primes at standard focal lengths designed for your APS-C Canon body? Stuff like 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm equivalents, at f/1.4.

Can you maybe get a set of more affordable f/1.8 of f/2 primes covering the standard focal lengths?

The answer is no to all of the above. What you can get is plethora of cheap plastic kit zooms of all kinds.

The 7D is considered a pro aps-c camera. The higher end models always have a longer life cycle. The 6Dmkii took 5 years to get here

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